Friday, December 01, 2006


Has anybody been watching Workout? I can’t make up my mind if it’s actually good or if it just has that ‘trainwreck’ appeal. Maybe it’s in the ‘so bad it’s good’ category.. what would I know? Anyway, it’s riveting stuff. You can see the trailer here.

This is fitness reality TV with all the trimmings: One type A, hyperachieving, $400 an hour, extremely fit lesbian fitness trainer to the stars named ‘Jackie’ – check. One cute but neurotic lesbian partner – check. One religious mother whom blames herself for her daughters lesbianism – check. Seven highly sexed trainers with deadly physiques that work for Jackie in her exclusive gym/spa in Beverly Hills – check, check, check… it’s all going on, I tell ya.

It’s worth a watch just for the sheer motivation of seeing so many fabulous sets of abdominals.

This week Jackie started injecting herself with FSH so that she can have her eggs harvested before her biological clock ticks its last tick. She wants to have a baby with her partner, the idea being that she provides the egg and her partner provides the womb. This news nearly caused her religious mum to have a crisis of faith.

I’m just interested to see what all those hormones do to those abs!


  1. Hmm, I wonder if we get this show here....lots of nice bods to drool over. :p Check out the arms on Doug! But what sort of a name is Zen? Does anyone actually call their kid that?

  2. Oh man, this was on a couple months ago in the states... I was immediately HOOKED. It's a trainwreck, and you want to slap Jackie across the face at times, but I really enjoyed it. Of course, I have no life and my other option was talking to a now 11-month old, so... watch at your own risk. ;)

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  4. Huh, spammers. *tsk*

  5. I've turned on that little wiggly text box thingy to prevent automated spam. Grrrr makes me so annoyed the sheer volume of spam that is trying to sell me viagra, stocks or something to enlarge my penis!

  6. I'm sure Sky spa was the one that was co-owned (or managed or something) by Jillian Michaels. Or was that something else that sounds similar and employs clones of those fitness barbies?!
    Looking at the bios of the trainers, Doug worries me a bit. If my trainer "loved" and "touched" me all session, I'd be looking for a new trainer in about 4 minutes!
    I so hope they show WorkOut here soon! Bring it on!

  7. Sounds like something I want to watch. LoL. I might have to download it since it's not on in Australia. Will send my OH in search.

  8. Check out this:

    Scroll down and you'll see that Jillian Michaels is a co-owner of Sky Spa and Sport. They don't mention that on the show though.

  9. I was sure it was that one! Interestingly, she doesn't mention it on her web page anymore either. Wonder what that's about?!


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