Saturday, November 11, 2006

Saturday tip - How to accidentally eat less

It is a scientific fact that it takes at least 20 mins for your brain to perceive that you have eaten - and in some people it takes longer. This is why we should, theoretically, linger over meals, chew thoroughly, put down that fork between bites and all those other desirable foodie behaviours we learned from the Paul McKenna 'I can make you Thin' hypnosis CD. ;)

In the right setting I can manage to take my time over food, but much of the time I am distracted and tend to just eat fast. As far as I know, my digestive system doesn't have a problem with speedy consumption, BUT after my meal is finished I usually feel in the mood for either a second helping or even something 'something else' that may, for example, involve sugar as the primary ingredient.

A few months ago I started making a conscious effort to vege load and so with every meal I have a salad or just a plate of veges. Of course I always leave that bit until last (like the French do) and it is the best way I know of to deal to that 'Post-Eating eating urge'. By the time I'm through the veges my brain has processed the message that food has gone down and I've virtuously loaded up on vitamins, fibre and high-water content food.

Usually I also have a Green Tea. Today being Saturday, it's an espresso.

In an attempt to psychoanalyse my fast eating habit, I dug into my childhood and I think I know when it started. When I was 5 I was on a tv program called 'Romper Room' and they used to feed us morning tea on camera. I was the slowest eater and most of the time didn't even want to eat what they gave us. I was in panic when the last one eating was me... again... and the presenter commented on it, which went out on tv and my friends and grandparents teased me... Oh, the trauma! LOL. Leonardo Di Caprio got his start on the American version of Romper Room but was kicked off for uncontrollable behaviour. I bet he didn't like the food...


  1. I can't believe you were on Romper Room! I remember that show, how funny. :) Great idea on working in some extra veggies after meals! Makes perfect sense. I heart your blog!

  2. No way!! Romper room? I am so jealous!
    I used to watch that eagerly waiting for them to say my name. For some reason they never saw Sereyna through the mirror. Mind you, they never saw anyone of any ethnic descent either!
    What's the Paul McKenna like? I have never bothered with it, but am interested to hear his theory...

  3. I got to say "now it's time for Mr Music!". I have very few recollections... bouncing around on those big balls with handles, moving felt figures around on a board while the presenter told a story, eating and a really '70's' brown velvet dress with a huge white lace collar.

    The Paul Mckenna thing. I do think it helped when I was first dealing with my binging because I felt more relaxed around food. It was a good method at that stage for me because you only eat what you want to eat, not what you think you should eat. That was important for me then because I'd spent so long trying to force myself to NOT eat certain things.

  4. Aww, I bet you were really cute too! I have a mental picture, brown velvet dress and all.

    Sairs, if it's any consolation, they never called my name on Romper Room either. *pouts* YES, they DID have TV in my day too. Sheesh.

    And the Paul McKenna CD is great - works for me.... when I remember to use it.

  5. Oh, and on the fast eating thing, I blame my father. If we didn't clear our plates quick-smart, he'd steal the food off our plates. Nope, I'm not kidding!

  6. BWAHAHAHA.. Love the idea of you preciously guarding your plate from the threat of parental food theft!
    I might go invest in a copy of Paul McKenna then, anything that gives you a little bit of a boost is going to be a bonus! I did get an NLP CD set once before. I didn't lose weight, but I slept heaps better! :-)


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