Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Back to School!

It would seem that between my day job and Sana Direct and training and cooking, blogging and checking in now and then with my man and my family there may be a few unused hours and they need to be filled. For some reason I got the mad idea that right now is the time to resume my studies and eventually finish my degree - hopefully sometime before the human body has been replaced by an upgraded version and I have to start again.

Something came over me the other day and got online and enrolled myself in summer school (which happens to be a shortened semester - less time, same amount of work) and then lay awake all night wondering if I'd finally lost my marbles. Now that I have the course material in hand I feel a bit less panicked, although the requirement for a $200 textbook made me choke on my smoothie! I thought about it and decided that the human body hasn't changed all that much in 5 years and that instead of paying through the nose for the 2007 version, I'd just slum it with a second hand 2001 edition of Mariebs Human Anatomy and Physiology that I got on Bookgoblin for 45 bucks. Sometimes you've just got to live on the edge.

The next heart palpitating moment was discovering that the first assignment is due in 2.5 weeks. I have to 'outline the structure and function of an organ or organ system and discuss the changes that occur due to the aging process'.

Given that I'm obsessed with the process of Metabolism I think I'm going to delve into the Thyroid gland and it's little nobbly bits and the interesting hormones that it produces. What? Isn't that stuff fascinating to everyone?


  1. How exciting! What a fabulous challenge - surely you don't really need to eat or sleep or see people, there's plenty of study time if you cut those out!

    I am more than willing to put my hand up for any metabolism boosting experiments you want to chuck my way!

    Oh, and you can also send me some experimental foody type vibes if you wish. My course is on break now until end of Jan next year, so I'll have some time to do Sara worthy concoctions in the kitchen!

  2. I'm really excited for you! You'll do amazingly well, you will you will! Keep us posted... :)

  3. Good Lord! And I thought I was the queen of cramming as much into a day as humanly possible. I concede defeat - you win!

    Let me know if you discover an amazing "thing" that accelerates matabolism and makes fat go "poof!"

  4. Aw thanks, you girls are awesome. I have a bunch of recipes all raring to go on the sana site and they should be up.. soon. I'd say within 2 weeks all going well. Yes, there is a magical way of getting your metabolism racing! Eat lots and move lots... but you knew that already ;)

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