Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The 12 year challenge

This weekend it is the Festival of Cycling in Christchurch and on Saturday there is the 75km 'Long Bays' race. It is also my Uncles wedding and the road to the venue happens to be on the route. THAT could turn interesting if they decide to close off that part of the road.

Front page news this morning is one of the competitors, Graham Eggerton. This man has made a dramatic personal transformation from being crippled by obesity to full fitness. How long did this take him? 12 years.

What I like about this story is that he found an activity that really spun his wheels (yes, I do think I'm funny....) and he stuck with it because it's fun. I think that this is important to long term weightloss. You have to find an activity that you really enjoy and that holds more meaning than just being something you do to lose weight.

Graham Eggerton before:

And after shedding 80kg.

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