Saturday, October 21, 2006

My weekly shopping pyramid

Saturday is when my Hunter-Gatherer mode kicks in. I spend the morning hunting and gathering and the afternoon cooking and freezing. I have no idea how the ancient Hunter Gatherers survived without a refrigerator. I took the Mesolithic Hunter Gatherer quiz and flunked badly - for sure I would have poisoned myself by choosing my mushrooms based on how pretty they were.

Below is a typical weekly haul, roughly grouped into a sort of Pyramid that represents how I eat. Of course, it will vary every week depending on what I already have stored in the cave.


  1. Anonymous1:39 pm

    hmm bit unsure about the Lamb Kidneys but the rest looks great - I wish my weekly pyramid was looking more like that...

  2. Yes offal isn't a regular thing. I had a steak and kidney casserole planned. :O) I try to do Liver sometimes.. for the vitamin A and B12 and so on, but it's always 50/50 whether I can face it or not when the moment arrives.


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