Saturday, October 14, 2006

My butcher - Elvis

Reasons why I really like my butcher:

1. They specialise in grass-fed and organic meat and it always looks and smells fresh.
2. They have really good gluten-free sausages that are 99% meat and use only rice flour to bind them. Compare this with your regular sausage that is full of wheat flour and additives that go by their code number (icky).
3. They stock Heuvels and don't charge a kings ransom for them, even though they could.
4. The shop looks hardly anything like a butchery and quite a lot like a shrine to Elvis Presley... that just happens to have a meat display included.
5. There is often squealing and laughing eminating from out back.... I don't know what that is about, and maybe I just don't need to know...
6. When I said that I tend to cut the fat off the organic rump, they gave me a big fat discount - if I wasn't going to eat the fat, they weren't going to charge me for it.
7. It is located directly between the Seven Fields organic shop and a French Bakery.
8. The owner is a well-known Elvis impersonator - check out their card! It says 'meat so tender, meat so true' *snort*.

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