Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Getting to know my new toy

I have been spending some quality time with my new acquisition - The Power Tower. I have been having some difficulties due to the fact that I've always used the assisted pullup machine and this is completely unassisted. It gets quite frustrating when I'm all revved up for a kickass workout and then find I've kicked my own ass with one and a half pullups and can only dangle there feeling a bit silly.

Now I have learned a sadistic new method of strengthening myself so
that one day I can have an upper body like Monica. My old trainer
Brendon suggests that the thing to do is boost yourself up so that you
start with chin above the bar. Then you lower yourself, taking 30 seconds to straighten your arms. That's the theory. I found that in reality I was managing the longest 15 seconds of my life, but it's a start. Apparently, practicing this will have me cranking out 10 full pullups in no time at all, and it gives me something to work on rather than just perfecting my dangling technique.

So, I guess in a few weeks I'll have to get myself some gymnastic rings like the Nasty Girls. You have to click the video link on the bottom right. It's a large file download but worth it.

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  1. If it's any consolation, one-and-a-half pullups is about my limit too. :-( Must try harder....

    The negative rep thing works well, and there are some other ideas for Mistressing the Pullup at

    If you follow Krista's tips, apparently you'll eventually get to this point:

    Hell yeah! You did your first big-girl pullup!

    Pause to celebrate the completion of your first pullup. It is a special moment in every woman's life, ranking just below giving birth and above your wedding day. Or something like that. Force everyone in the gym to kiss your biceps. Scream "YEAH!!" and pump your fist in the air. Do a victory lap around the gym while singing, "Weeeee are the chaaampyuuuns my freeeeeeend..."

    Yeah...good luck with that.


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