Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Packed lunches.. not just for schoolkids!

One of the things that seems to most freak out would-be fit chicks is the sheer level of organisation that seems to be involved in assembling the daily eats.

With years of practice under my (somewhat diminished) belt, I am now in a position to present this.. a typical example of what I cart to work every day. My workmates are used to me turning up with my huge bag of munchies, but they did look sideways when today my A1 priority task involved arranging my food on the desk and taking pictures of it. I'm sure I can hear them whispering about it behind my back....

So.. what we have here involved approximately 3 minutes of organisation. I had breakfast at home - Protein pancakes with honey and yogurt. My mid-morning snack is in the Easiyo container - yogurt and blueberries. Lunch was a pre-made and frozen lamb chilli and a raw carrot. I also keep a selection of other veges in the fridge at work.. celery, capsicum.. whatever is available and can be eaten raw. My mid afternoon snack is an apple and some brazil nuts. The other apple and the dark chocolate are always there for if I'm a) still hungry or b) having a chocoholic moment (it happens...).

If I, modern day busy working woman, can manage this, and if my friend Kek with three kids and two jobs, can manage a similar feat every single freaking day, then there is really no reason why the whole developed world can't manage to biff a few things into a bag for the sake of their health every morning. Go ye.


  1. Yay, welcome to blogland, Sara!

    I abso-bloody-lutely agree that it's easy-peasy to pack 3 or 4 meals to cart to work each day. And of course you have to keep essentials in your desk drawer. Like a jar of peanut butter. And a tub of whey protein. And some cans of tuna. And 7 varieties of herbal teabags. You never know - the local shops might just run out of everything. Um. Well, it could happen!

    Your photo reminds me - I must get me some of those dinky little Easi-yo containers. I only have the one big one. :-( Love my home-made yoghurt!

  2. Isn't it almost EASIER to eat this way? There's no wasting time during the day deciding what/where to eat... just grab and enjoy. It's smart eating, if you ask me, not just healthy. Right on! :D


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